From Tottori, Fukuyama to the world! We exhibited to the world's largest Bicycle exhibition 2,019 euros motorcycle, too.
It becomes the report of the design.
Arrival at ... field via the departure - Istanbul Airport (Turkey)
It is our staff of the smile at an airport
I leave the country for Germany
I exhibited on the world's largest Bicycle exhibition "euro motorcycle" held in a German Friedrich's her fen. I dispatch two staff from us and prepare an exhibit with a kick motorcycle as main. From Japan to Germany, I went by way of a Turkish airport.
Late-night Istanbul Airport
Local morning
Delicious sandwich
After the transfer in Istanbul to Germany. With the Istanbul Airport being bright for an international hub airport in spite of the middle of the night. The atmosphere of the building is totally different from Japan, too.
It is the evening that it came in a German Friedrich's fur fen. It is located in the shore of the Borden lake of Germany and is a border side of Switzerland Austria. I heard it with the country, but there was turnout than a hometown and was the town which I calmed down moderately and seemed to be easy to spend. I was anxious whether it was not suffered from jet lag on the first day and the next day as there were eight hours time difference with Japan.
The construction preparations
I set it up in the corner of the JAPAN pavilion
Preparation for showpiece
The construction of the booth
It is the state of the blank before the construction of the event site. I push forward the construction preparations to be in time for the start of the event from here. Because it was a carry-on only with a minimum thing with baggage, I finished the display of the booth with a handicraft in two staff daily cliff.
A uniform and big catch flag
Sun Fletch Hiroshima formula kick motorcycle and Dancy
Accessories of GREENCITY (Shiratani studio)
Bag made in Japan using the disposal air bag and the big catch flag
Cup of GREENCITY (Shiratani studio)
I display Shiratani studio and the collaboration accessories such as a hair slide, pierced earrings, the card case which I played as Sanfrecce Hiroshima formula kick motorcycle and our original kick motorcycle "Dancy" and an item of the GREENCITY project. In addition, I displayed the disposal air bag and a bag or the T-shirt using the big catch flag.
I gather an activity to attach consciousness little by little, and to do the lifestyle that is kind to the earth and discarded material and take in the thought of various places to be concerned with there and Japanese traditional culture, and GREENCITY project is to sell a high product of the value more than a product original as an up cycle product.
There was not the booth full of a feeling of such handicraft elsewhere even if I saw other booths in the venue. (laugh)
The day of the event
The staff who explains the product
I distribute a flyer and publicize it
As for the interview of the TV station
I had various people arrive①
An item of GREENCITY (Shiratani studio) is a favorite
I had various customers arrive②
Inquiry to Dancy
Souvenir picture with the staff of other booths
Our staff of the smile
You were able to arrive to a great many customers on the day of the event.
In front of a booth "Hello" is leaflet distribution by an original of we staff making with a smile of to all energy. The concept of a product and the project is explained to the person who had you be interested.
"It is any company in a booth not to think of to be the exhibition of the Bicycle? ?" There were many people whom I wondered saying "I sell what" and called out to. When it matched a world's best exhibition and heard hometown in a story, as well as Europe, it was arrived from all parts of the world and was surprised. The one that was found to be a Japanese booth "went to Japan"; was able to be proud of what had to tweediness talk delightfully at all.
Atmosphere of the venue
It is other booths and an atmosphere out of the event site. Other booths are the impressions that the thing which was elaborate for display valued a lot. In addition, various events were carried out outside and showed the upsurge.
Local atmosphere - returning home
The stay of Germany was approximately one week, but felt that returning home approached as the various places that met that it was an attractive town including a meal very much were only openhearted people lonelily at all. Because it was an airplane service at the evening, I take a walk through a testicle shore by little sightseeing and souvenir purchase in the morning. Some rain were disappointed, but they will come next year and want to enjoy a beautiful town by all means again.
It was the euro motorcycle which came out by cooperation of various one this time. Thank you.
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