Feelings to Quality
The Bicycle of the Yonezawa original is particular about security, relief.
Basics well
Full with basic performance for Bicycle of relief, the security.
It is high quality, and it is in Bicycle enduring long-term commuting,
attending school by making a basic part of the Bicycle well.
W hanger
The crank whom the load depends on whenever I pedal it. It is hard to be transformed than usual and adopts a hanger with the thickness. I begin to row it and realize the run that there are few wobbles of the part, and is smooth. I was able to tolerate commuting, attending school more during ⻑ period.
Strong frame
If it is usually Japanese Industrial Standards, the frame clears place of the frame vibration examination "65 kg X 70000th", "75 kg of Xs 210,000 times". It becomes the high tension steel frame with the strength more.
SG mark
It is a mark to guarantee the safety of the product established based on "the consumer life product security method" by association of product security. Because there is bodily injury liability insurance, compensation to a maximum of 100 million yen is received by the defect of the SG product by any chance when an accident happens.
To the Bicycle which is better in positive α
To the Bicycle which is more convenient by adopting high-quality parts.
2 light LED lights
I adopt 1 light notokoro 2 light LED light and am usually the very bright right field. Even night commuting, attending school advances very brightly.
SHIMANO6 step shifting
Sporty by a possibility the shifting adjustment of the wide range; and can run lightly. Because it can support various topography finely, it is most suitable when I run a long distance.
Roller brakes
A rain braking force is high and is brakes of the relief to work for well on the rainy day. In addition, I greatly reduce a sound rumble. I realize a quiet, comfortable brakes touch.
Quality control
Because our staff visits the direct factory, I perform quality control.
Our staff goes to visit the Japanese Industrial Standards conformity factory (Shanghai, Tianjin) directly once in three months and makes minute arrangements with the person in charge and checks a member and an inspection appliance severely.
SG city ST-6S
On the structurally most important frame part of the Bicycle, I assume run and evaluate quake resistance using vibration testing equipment in a quality check room to keep quite popular stable quality.
SG city ST-6S
SG city ST-6S
The produced Bicycle arrives at us, the Tottori head office. An employee accepts you and, for all products, carries out inspection. In our thing checking directly by hand, I can send relief, safe Bicycle to.
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