Mon Paris
TOUCH the Moment     
An exercise of the Bicycle is a child one authority Helpless.
And that time the growth of the child families
It is the moment when I can be keenly aware of it.
The Mon Paris provides "twice at this" moment in now when I cannot taste it.
Mon Paris 16/18 inch
With pipe carrier, training wheel
You have a low floor frame, the training wheel which it is easy to step over more than a stylish design, a pipe carrier, a normal type and can get on the growth of the child in total as both the steering wheel and the saddle are adjustable.
I can practice the Bicycle at the time of the exercise of the child in peace by using the pipe carrier.
Color variations
Color variations
Sakai cycle
16 inches of /18 inches
Reference appropriate height
More than 16 inches, 95cm
More than 18 inches, 105cm
The amount of saddle
16 inches of approximately 500mm - 570mm
18 inches of approximately 550mm - 630mm
12.5 kg of 16 inches
13 kg of 18 inches
16 X 1.75/18 X 1.75 air tube rubber tire
After training wheel, bell, front fender
▼The low floor frame which it is easy to step over
▼Pipe carrier
▼Stylish design
・About the specifications of the product, I may change it without a notice.
・About the color of the product, I may see it unlike a fact.
・If a product arrives, some assembling is necessary.
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