I like you the most in the world!
I want to give a form to my thoughts that cannot be expressed by words.
We take our work seriously in creating bicycles that take into consideration the future of children and the global environment.
We recommend not only bicycle racing and cycling but also bicycle use in daily life (for commuting to work and school) for CO2 reduction. We actively work to create bicycles that meet not only safety standards but also environmental standards (low-impact burden on the environment) by adopting highly durable frames to prevent over-production.
We would like to thank you for your continued patronage. Our company is rooted in the regional community based on our concept “Connecting with bicycles” and has been engaged in bicycle sales and repairs for many years.
We manufacture bicycles that are safe to ride, prevent accidents and ensure peace of mind because they are bicycles that our loved ones ride. We engage in planning, manufacturing and after-sales maintenance keeping “Respect for Japanese standards” in mind.
Our entire company works together to offer the best customer service possible, to earn our trust as the lifeline of your bicycle life. We look forward to your continued patronage.
Company name
Yonezawa bicycle shop
Head office address
637, Yoshinari, Tottori-shi, Tottori
Yonezawa sincerity
The establishment date
April 15, 1954
The number of employees
Business outline
Bicycle plan production, sale, repair
Bicycle event administration
Collaboration Bicycle plan
Wheelchair repair
Company Name : LOVE BIKE(Yonezawa Bicycle Shop Co.Ltd.)
Head Office ; 637 Yoshinari ,Tottori-shi,Tottori 680-0864 JAPAN
TEL & FAX +81-857-22-3262