Store guidance
Kurayoshi store
I display 500 from a general car to a child car, a sporting motor vehicle.
As there are many requests of the Business trip repair, you are satisfied by better correspondence
I want to aim at the shop.
Staff introduction
I think about the security of the customer getting on the Bicycle to the first and work on sale maintenance every day.
The person who is looking for new Bicycle is somewhat ill-conditioned…Please speak to one mind light car called this.
I aim at the skill up and do my best without neglecting daily efforts.
I want to face each other for waiting on customers and repair to be able to use it to a customer forever. I look forward to a visit.
Yonezawa bicycle shop 〒 680-0864 637, Yoshinari, Tottori-shi, Tottori
TEL: 0857-22-3262 FAX: 0857-22-3262