I support new life!
For new start in the future
The Bicycle which is safe relief for commuting, attending school
budget 50,000 yen ...
A basic attending school car of BRIDGESTONE.
I am made to be able to tolerate long-term attending school.
It is the Bicycle which is recommended in our store.
The constant seller of the attending school car which adopted belt drive.
One which is reliable if I purchase this by parts choice in consideration for the firm frame and details.
Alberto royal
Alberto royal
The premium model that upgraded brakes, a front light, each place including the saddle from Alberto. Limited production!
is tough
Tough frame of the heavyweight division aluminum that is firm
I repent for rust, and a very thick stainless steel spoke is adopted a stainless steel rim
I do not need trouble
By belt drive adoption, maintenance is approximately free. Lubrication is not necessary
I repent for rust and adopt stainless steel parts aluminum parts including a basket everywhere
The attention
I adopt tire top model "long red XT" for the attending school.
In the rear, I adopt "solar tail". I make photovoltaic power generation in the day and am shipped with an LED light to automatically light by night. The visibility from a car increases.
budget 30,000 yen - 50,000 yen
Long teen
The attending school car of the steel frame of BRIDGESTONE.
Furthermore, I add person trouble and am made firmly.
Long teen standard
Long teen standard
The model that focused on the durability that held down the price, and controlled the point that was necessary for safe commuting, attending school well, and was made relief in spite of being eyes.
is tough
rag is excellent at the durability with a processed steel frame!
The carrier car seat is available for installation, too
The attention
I adopt tire "long red" that it is hard to make crazing.
I adopt the lighting insect of Autolite to front light. Be turned on and prevent oblivion.
budget - 30,000 yen
Of Yonezawa
Original attending school car
It is a plan, commuting, the attending school car which I developed in us.
Let alone up of operability, the durability, it is the Bicycle which was particular about a design.
The bestseller Bicycle which it is easy to get in and out of with a stylish frame design and the low floor frame!
GRAZiE Classic
GRAZiE Classic
The woman rashiishinayanaka model who adopted a bell so frame to a quite popular rattan-like basket
SG city ST-6S
SG city ST-6S
The royal road of the city cycle. The model who was particular about each part including the adoption of stainless steel parts, and planned improvement of basic performance.
By front 40T adoption, I realize a sporty run. The Bicycle which it is easy to use even the everyday life including a basket and the carrier for.
W hanger
It is hard to be transformed into such the crank part of the load than usual whenever I row  pedal and adopts a hanger with the thickness
It is a specification to be worthy of commuting, the attending school of the  long term
strong frame
Examinations of "210,000 times of 75 kg of Xs" are usually cleared in Japanese Industrial Standards in places of the frame vibration examination "65 kg X 70000th" 
It becomes the high tension steel frame with the strength from 
SG mark
Mark to guarantee the safety of the product established based on "the consumer life product security method" by association of product security
Because there is bodily injury liability insurance, security to a maximum of 100 million yen is received by the omission of the SG product by any chance when an accident happens
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